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10 Yucatán gas stations shut down for faulty pumps

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Mérida, Yucatán — A gas-pump verification program run by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) ended with 27 pumps at 10 service stations being shut down for failing calibration tests.

In addition, Profeco cited four stations for turning away inspectors. Two are in Mérida and the others are in Chemax and Tizimín.

The program “Quién es quién en los precios” (“Who is who in prices”) is Profeco’s crackdown operation that ensures gas pumps are dispensing as many liters as they say they are.

Of the 27 pumps that Profepa shut down, half are in Mérida. The rest are in Celestún, Río Lagartos, Tizimín, Sucilá and Muna, where 12 pumps were found faulty.

Most of the stations appear to be along a highway or on the ring road. Profeco identifies individual gas stations in a searchable database here.

The pumps weren’t necessarily rigged, but for whatever reason, were deficient in accurately measuring fuel that they were dispensing. Some failed to show a readout indicating the number of liters were being pumped. Gas station managers must report and voluntarily shut down pumps that have stopped providing readouts.

Source: Sipse

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