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Thursday, March 30, 2023

100 new coronavirus cases match recoveries in Yucatan, 6 perish

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Doctors in Merida demonstrate a device designed to protect health workers from catching coronavirus from patients. Photo: Courtesy

New coronavirus cases and recoveries were in equal number — at exactly 100 — according to Sunday’s daily Yucatan Health Ministry briefing. Recoveries, which account for about 82% of all coronavirus cases, outnumbered new infections four times in the last seven days.

Six patients, as young as 59, died in the past 24 hours after battling COVID-19, health officials also said. That has been the average number of daily fatalities in the past seven days.

Fatalities included a 59-year-old Merida man and three Merida women, 61, 79 and 75; as well as a 76-year-old man from Tecoh and an 81-year-old woman from Izamal.

That brings to 2,283 the number of deaths resulting from 18,215 positive cases since the epidemic began in Yucatan last March.

Hospitalizations declined by one to reach 174 patients, the lowest number since July’s surge. The other 795 cases are mild enough to allow at-home care under medical supervision and quarantine.

Of the new infections, 72 were in Merida, seven in Valladolid, four in Conkal and Tinum; three in Maxcanú and Peto; two in Dzitás; and one each in Chankom, Chichimilá, Cuncunul, Muna and Tekax.

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