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108 newly infected, 106 recoveries as Yucatan’s battle with COVID enters July

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New coronavirus cases dropped but stayed in triple digits, according to Wednesday’s health ministry briefing.

Yucatan health officials said 108 were infected and 13 died, while 106 recovered from the virus. Another 13 died with COVID-19, the same tally as Tuesday’s. Eighty-one patients have perished in the past seven days and total deaths are approaching 500.

Of the new infections, 75 were in Merida; 10 in Umán; eight in Tizimín; three in Kanasín; two in Izamal, Progreso and Valladolid, in addition to one in Acanceh, Calotmul, Cuncunul, Tekit, Tinum and Tzucacab, to make an accumulated total of 4,549 positive cases so far in Yucatan. Of those, 3,142 recovered.

A 44-year-old Merida man was the youngest to die while a 76-year-old woman in Dzan was the oldest. Most fatalities were in their 50s and 60s and all but one had hypertension, diabetes or obesity.

Current patients include 651 in home quarantine and 282 in one of Merida’s hospitals, five more than Tuesday.

Earlier, a 32-year-old Maya woman was the first infected with COVID-19 in Sudzal, a tiny municipality of under 2,000 residents. She is in stable condition and recovering under home quarantine. Yucatan has just six towns left with no coronavirus cases. Just days ago, there were nine.

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