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Another crackdown on ‘minicasinos’

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Local and federal agents Monday morning seized 85 machines from various “minicasinos” in the streets surrounding the Lucas de Galvez market.

But their efforts were stymied by lookouts who warned their neighbors as police scattered, in separate teams, throughout the neighborhood.

Federal agents swarmed the businesses while municipal officers handled traffic control. No arrests were reported.


The convoy of federal agents raided businesses north, south and west of Lucas de Galvez, and secured areas and businesses where the machines were.

In Valladolid, a similar operation was conducted yesterday.

An estimated 10,000 of minicasinos operate in virtually all municipalities in Yucatán state, although police raids routinely make headlines.

Last June, federal ministerial agents conducted a raid in southern towns including Tzucacab, Tixmehuac and Tekax, where 40 machines were hauled away.

Last May, officers shut down more than 100 minicasinos in San Benito and Lucas de Galvez in Merida.

Source: Diario de Yucatán, Desde el Balcon

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