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128 dead in 5 days as coronavirus infections in Yucatan exceed 7,000

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A map indicates accumulated infections across Merida. The Centro is considered the entire central part of the city to the Circuito Colonias, not just the Centro Historico. On average, more than 70% of these patients have recovered. of Photo: SSY

Showing the dire effects of late June’s surge in infections, Friday’s coronavirus tally included 32 deaths and 119 new cases, Yucatan health officials said.

Another 17 men and 15 women, ranging in age from 27 to 83, perished. That brings Yucatan’s total death tally to 769 in a little over four months.

Of the total, 17 in Merida perished as did two from Umán and 2 from either outside the state or country. One each from Cuzamá, Ticul, Progreso, Kantunil, Tekax, Yaxcabá, Izamal, Tizimín, Kanasín, Baca and Hoctún also died.

Accumulated cases total 7,073, of whom 76% have recovered. In the last 24 hours, recoveries outnumbered infections by 35.

New infections included 64 in Merida, 15 in Valladolid and four from outside the state or country, listed simply as foreigners.

Residents in Ticul, Kanasín, Tizimín, Umán, Peto, Chankom, Hoctún, Hunucmá, Opichén, Progreso, Tekax, Tzucacab, Uayma and Ucú also tested positive for the virus.

Hospitalizations declined by 17 to reach 411 while the other 489 current patients are in stable condition and under quarantine at home.

Among Mexico’s states and the capital, Yucatan has the ninth most COVID-19 infections per 100,000 residents, the health department said.

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