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149 new coronavirus cases as hospitalizations jump; 15 more die

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Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal teleconferences with hospital directors to discuss the availability of hospital beds. News reports depict medical centers turning away patients, leading to rumors that no beds remain. Photo: Courtesy

Returning to triple digits, daily new infections jumped by 149 while daily fatalities totaled 15, Yucatan health authorities reported Monday.

Hospitalizations jumped by 11, raising anxiety over Merida’s finite supply of hospital beds.

Of the new cases, 75 were in Mérida and 27 were in Valladolid. Two of the infected were listed as “foreign.”

The accumulated number of coronavirus cases in Yucatan has reached 5,259, including 3,775 recoveries. That brings the recovery rate to nearly 72%, an improvement over last week.

Of the existing patients, 616 were stable and under quarantine at home, and 321 were under hospital care. The patients range in age from one month to 97 years.

Three of the dead were in their 30s. A 31-year-old Tabasco man with a weakened immune system was the youngest to die. A 33-year-old Tecoh man with chronic kidney failure and obesity and a 38-year-old Merida woman with chronic kidney failure and heart disease also perished.

Fatalities also included: a 53-year-old man from Hoctún with no report of previous illnesses; a 53-year-old Merida man with hypertension and cirrhosis of the liver; a 58-year-old Merida man; a 66-year-old Merida with woman hypertension and diabetes; a 67-year-old Progreso woman with diabetes; a 69-year-old Merida man with hypertension and obesity; a 75-year-old Merida man with hypertension; a 75-year-old Merida woman with hypertension and diabetes; a 76-year-old Ticul woman with hypertension and diabetes; a 76-year-old Ticul man with hypertension and diabetes; a 78-year-old Merida man with hypertension and obesity; and a 90-year-old Motul man without previous illnesses.

In total, officials know of 547 coronavirus-related deaths in Yucatan.

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