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151,000 workers will go door to door for Mexico’s 2020 census

Beware of would-be criminals; real Inegi workers won't ask to come inside

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It’s census time in Mexico, and Inegi workers will soon be knocking. Photo: Inegi

It’s nearly time for the head counters to count heads and households.

For the Mexican 2020 census, workers will knock on doors between March 2 and 27. The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) updates its data every 10 years.

Around 151,000 Inegi representatives will visit more than 45 million homes across Mexico.

The government doesn’t want to bypass foreign residents, who may be leery of reporting their information to authorities. In Merida, a 40-minute information session for English-speaking residents is planned 11 a.m. Thursday in the auditorium of the Directorate of Social Development, Calle 65, 368 Interior, between 40 and 42, Centro.

Safety procedure

Since the project also present an opportunity for criminals to pose as census takers and enter homes, Inegi has announced a safety procedure. Actual census workers won’t ask to enter any home. The survey will take place at the front door.

The census taker will ask for the head of the house — if there is one — to answer the questionnaire, although anyone who lives there, and is of legal age, can answer instead.

Before the interview, the interviewer will identify himself with his name, credential sheet and photo ID. The worker will also have a digital printed questionnaire, and official hat, backpack and body vest.

The census asks how many people occupy each home, their names, age and gender. Data is entered electronically into a mobile device and immediately part of the national database and used to plan education, health and equity policies.

If nobody is home, interviewers will leave a notice asking for a call back and an appointment.

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