170 learn their HIV status after free testing in Plaza Grande

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World Condom Day
On World Condom Day 2017, 170 people learned their HIV status after free testing by Fundación BAI. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán —  On World Condom Day 2017 last week, Fundación BAI did the thing they do best: Administer free HIV tests and educate the public about safe sex.

The foundation tested 170 people at a table set up at the Plaza Grande. Of everyone who lined up and gave a blood sample, three tested positive. They can receive counseling and guidance from the nonprofit organization.

“We aim to detect thousands of people who don’t know their HIV positive status and remain undiagnosed,” says Dr. Carlos Cabrera, director of Fundación BAI. “We are one of the states doing more testing campaigns and only through testing and linkage to care strategies can we find all the undiagnosed people.”

The table set up on the city’s main square also had takeaways for visitors.

“We distributed thousands of condoms and lubricants, too,” says Cabrera, “as well as workshops on how to use them properly.”

Fundación BAI depends completely on donations to do its work. This weekend, BAI is one of the beneficiaries of the Black Party at Villa Verde.

Yucatán Expat Life is a proud platinum sponsor of Fundación BAI.

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