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185,000 families in Yucatan eat just once a day, survey reports

Over 1/4 of all children in the state lack basic nutrition

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Over a quarter of Yucatan’s children get adequate nutrition, according to a federal story. Photo: Revista Yucatan

About 185,000 families in Yucatan can afford to eat only once a day, according to Mexico’s statistics bureau, Inegi.

These families lack financial resources or access to food, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography. Among these families, 34% are minors; 28% of children are eating less than what is essential for their growth.

Data from the 2018 National Survey of Income and Expenditure of Households establish that Yucatan ranks 21st out of 32 states where family spending power does not provide economic resources for adequate nutrition.

Across Mexico, of 34.7 million households, just over 14 million lack economic capacity to acquire food for basic subsistence. Over 4 million families eat just once a day.

Among 16.25 million households in Mexico that reported having had economic difficulties, 5.22 million reported that an “adult felt hungry, but did not eat.”

In 3.79 million houses, “some adult ate only once a day or stopped eating for a whole day,” whereas in just over 1 million homes, “something had to be done, which would have been preferred not to have to do, to get food (beg, send the girls and boys to work or resort to socially unaccepted practices).

Source: Agencies

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