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19 more hotels are on the way as Mérida ranks high in Traveler city survey

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Photo: Diplomat Hotel

Following the designation of Mérida as the Fourth Best City in the World to visit, the city’s economic development director announced that the capital city has 19 more hotels in the works.

José Luis Martínez Semerena said the increase will match the greater number of tourists to be expected.

The Best City title was granted after a survey of more than 800,000 readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine, which placed the White City only below Singapore, Bangkok, and Tokyo, and just above Quebec City.

“They decided that Mérida today has all the infrastructure to come. They were asked what caught their attention in the city, which one they would vote to visit and they chose it for its colorful facades, for its gastronomy, but above all, they recognized the warmth of its people,” he said.

The hotels to come are in the boutique class, small but luxurious, and usually at a premium price.

Martínez Semerena said some of the boutique hotels are already under construction and could be inaugurated next year.

“So we have to continue as Meridanos to set an example, welcoming visitors, and the City Council puts in all the infrastructure, new air routes. The airport is being modernized, the Mayan Train is coming, the Ie-Tram, we are making all the connections that are required,” he concluded.

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