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1st big step toward universal health care

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The ISSSTE hospital in Mérida.
The ISSSTE hospital in Mérida.

State and federal hospitals will be interchangeable for patients on either state ISSSTE or federal IMSS health plans, starting June 1.

This is the nation’s first step toward a universal health system.

It means that patients on public health plans —either IMSS or ISSSTE’s — may be referred to either IMSS or ISSSTE hospitals, rather than be limited to their own network of hospitals.

Aside from broadening horizons for patients, the new exchange system will reduce administrative costs, since expensive equipment can be reallocated where there is higher demand, and fewer patients will have to hit the road to find the correct facility with appropriate services.


“Health in this country should not be based on an individual’s employment status, but in every Mexican’s right to have access to medical services,” said Dr. Gabriel O’Shea Cuevas, head of the National Commission for Social Protection through Health (CNPSS).


Source: El Universal 

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