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2 Americans released on bond after bringing weapons into Cancun

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Martelle Davis, 36, and Shawana Davis, 31, were arrested after landing from a Miami flight. They were traveling to Cancun on vacation. Photo: Policía Federal

Two members of a Georgia sheriff’s office were released late Saturday after Mexican authorities detained them for weapons possession in Cancun two nights before.

According to Sheriff Billy Hancock, both officers were being held for bringing a firearm into the country, possession of magazines and live ammo. Federal police said they were each carrying a 9mm gun and more than 100 cartridges and additional ammunition for other guns.

Neither could provide the paperwork needed to bring weapons into Mexico but reportedly argued that they were on vacation and were told in their country that they could “carry arms around the world.”

Martelle Davis, 36, and Shawana Davis, 31, were arrested in the airport’s Terminal 3 after landing from a Miami flight.

“After working closely with officials in the U.S. and Mexico to resolve the issue, the two were released late Saturday on bond. I can’t thank all those on a state and federal level who took my phone calls to assist enough. Each one played an important role in the release of these two deputies. Our prayers have been answered,” said Sheriff Hancock.

Source: WALB-TV, police

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