2 cruise ship arrivals canceled in Progreso

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Carnival Liberty docked in Progreso. Photo: Cruise Hive
Carnival Liberty docked in Progreso. Photo: Cruise Hive

Ongoing technical issues with Carnival Liberty have prompted Carnival Cruise Line to modify itineraries through November, reports Cruise Critic.

To make up for time caused by the ship’s maximum cruising speed, the cruise operator will knock Nov. 14 and 26 Progreso stops off the itinerary.

“The issue is only affecting the ship’s speed… all other systems are operating normally,” said Carnival Brand Ambassador John Heald. “The ship is capable of operating cruises at reduced maximum speeds while Carnival’s technical team, together with outside experts, continues to work to fully resolve the problem.”

After its drydock at the beginning of December, it will reposition to Port Canaveral, Fla., and sail shorter cruises beginning Dec. 15. Its replacement, Carnival Valor, will then be sent to Galveston, Texas, because it is better suited to operate at the higher speeds required for the longer Mexico trips, Heald said.

For their troubles, passengers will receive a one day pro-rated refund and a $25 credit to their shipboard account, or they can cancel for a full refund.

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