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First gas stations under Gulf brand open Thursday in Mérida

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Two new Gulf stations will appear in Mérida on Thursday. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — The international fuel brand Gulf will open its first two service stations in the capital of Yucatán.

It’s a historic step that follows Mexico’s 2014 energy reforms that ended state-owned oil company Pemex’s longstanding monopoly. Private companies are allowed to establish their own non-Pemex branded gas stations for the first time since the 1930s.

The investment group behind the stations say they seek to improve fuel quality and generate a new culture of customer service.

The U.S.-based brand has already opened stations in Puebla, Nuevo León, Mexico State and Queretaro.

Both stations will start operating in the northeast of the city on Thursday. As of Wednesday, their addresses were not disclosed.

In addition to Gulf, other service station brands will follow, including Costco, ExxonMobil, Texaco, Lukoil, Valero, Glencore, Walmart and Supercharge. Combined, Pemex’s competitors are expected to generate an economic benefit of US$250 million for the state, reports Sipse.

Gulf Oil itself is no longer a standalone company, having merged with Standard Oil in 1985. The rights to the brand in the United States are owned by Massachusetts-based Gulf Oil Limited Partnership, which operates over 2,100 service stations and several petroleum terminals.

According to Gulf, it is introducing to the Mexican market fuels treated with liquid nanotechnology G Plus, which improves and transforms gasoline and diesel into highly efficient fuels. G Plus is billed as a formulation that improves the engine performance, reduces emissions, and cleans fuel injectors.

Pemex, which still controls 99 percent of Mexico’s gasoline imports, has supply and logistics agreements with international gas brands entering the market.

Sources: Sipse, La Verdad, Petro Plaza

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