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2 more COVID-19 patients in Yucatan die, new infections and hospitalizations drop

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A woman helps a woman on the street with her face mask. This slice of life was one of the winners of a city photo contest. (Story here). Photo: Martin de Jesús Zetina Gijón / Ayuntamiento

State health authorities reported Monday that 19 new coronavirus infections were detected, way down from 55 the day before.

Two new deaths were also reported. A 73-year-old Merida woman with diabetes, hypertension and chronic kidney disease, and a Maxcanú woman, 57, with diabetes and COPD, perished. Yucatan has registered 49 fatalities, including three foreigners, since April 3.

In all, 614 patients in the state tested positive for coronavirus since mid-March, and 291 of those have recovered, up 16 since the day before.

Another 203 patients are stable and isolated in their homes, under constant monitoring from medical staff.

The 71 most severely affected patients are in the hospital, two fewer than Sunday and seven fewer than Saturday.

As of Sunday, 49% of Yucatan’s municipality had at least one coronavirus case. Health officials on Monday shared an updated town-by-town breakdown of total active and inactive cases:

  • 395 Merida
  • 31 Valladolid
  • 25 Uman
  • 18 Hununcmá
  • 16 Kanasín
  • 9 Tekax – Ticul
  • 8 Maxcanú
  • 7 Mama
  • 5 Halachó and Kinchil
  • 4 Chemax, Tecoh, Conkal, Progreso, Chikindzonot and Sacalum
  • 3 Izamal, Opichén, Sanahcat, Seyé, Temozón, Muxipip
  • 2 Huhí, Baca, Dzidzantún, Tekantó, Peto, Samahil
  • 1 Abalá, Akil, Acanceh, Buxtzotz, Calotmul, Cenotillo, Chichimilá, Chocholá, Espita, Kantunil, Kaua, Kopomá, Motul, Muna, Sinanché, Tahmek, Tetiz, Teizimín, Tepakán, Tixkokob, Tixpokx, Tixkokob
  • 7 from outside Yucatan

The federal Ministry of Health reported 117 new deaths from coronavirus, bringing the total to 2,271. Mexico has 24,905 confirmed coronavirus cases, 1,434 more than Sunday.

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