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2 teen graffiti artists forced to paint over their handiwork

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Police supervise two teens repairing walls they had spray-painted. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — In one minor victory in the larger fight against graffiti in the historic center, municipal police said they took two teenage boys by surprise Thursday night.

At 9:35 p.m., youths identified only as José Antonio GG, 18; and Eber Elian LP, 16; were caught red-handed, police said.

The police officers were on patrol when a civilian driver tipped them off, leading them to Calle 65 between 48 and 50.

José and Eber attempted to flee, but were captured nearby with four cans of spray paint in their possession.

The young men were detained 36 hours and compelled to cover their graffiti. Police handed out a photograph of the pair busy at work with paint and brushes.

The same punishment applies to anyone applying stickers to someone else’s wall in the city.

Source: Municipal Police press release

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