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2021 Progreso Home Tour is in its final days, but impact on local kids will be long lasting

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Area school children are ready to learn thanks in large part to the Progreso Apoyo Program, which is raising money with a virtual house tour. Photo: Courtesy

Only a few days are left to enjoy a virtual tour of seven lovely homes along the coast of the Yucatán, and also support the education of area students. 

The Progreso Home Tour is a pay-per-view event online this year, meaning even more people can participate. The proceeds go directly to the Progreso Apoyo Program, which helps area kids stay in school.

According to a recent government survey, nearly 9 million students have dropped out of school in Mexico this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But for the 52 students enrolled in the Progreso Apoyo Program, which the home tour benefits, the news is far better.

Every one of them stayed in school this year. Moreover, fully 75% of them have maintained or increased their grade-point average from the previous semester.

Among other things, the Progreso Apoyo Program is paying for Internet access and has provided its students with tablets to help with distance learning. For those students who may be struggling, the Apoyo Program is working directly with the families and the schools to make sure these kids don’t fall through the cracks.

The Home Tour is the major annual fundraiser for this non-profit organization and because of COVID, they have had to go virtual.  The result is a high-quality video production that takes viewers through homes in Progreso, Chuburna and Telchac Puerto. 

Glowing reviews

Here is what viewers are saying about the 2021 Progreso Home Tour – Virtual Edition:

“Just finished watching the Home Tour. WOW! Absolutely beautiful and so well done! Only problem I see … this is going to attract a lot more visitors! LOL! Featuring seven beautiful homes in the area it showcases what a homeowner can do either building or renovating. Wonderful display of art home decor and garden design.” — Cindy Morrissey, Chelem

“We are so happy to support and promote all the efforts of the Progreso Apoyo Program here. This home tour video is so professional!  My husband and I recommend you watch it to understand how you can either build or renovate here…and have a beautiful home.” — Brenda Larocque, Ottawa

“Don’t miss your chance to go on this virtual home tour to see some of the amazing homes in the Progreso area. You will also be helping a wonderful cause. You won’t regret the time to watch — and then you will want to watch again!” — Anne Goslin, Chatham, Ontario and Progreso

“Have you ever wondered how you can help the people here in Progreso; how you can do something that will be long-lasting and help improve their lives? The Progreso Apoyo Program is a great place to help. When you support this program you are helping the youth of Progreso get educated so they can excel in life and help their families. By watching this Home Tour video you are directly supporting the Progreso Apoyo Program and getting a birds-eye view of some wonderful homes here in the Progreso area.” – Karen Cloutier, Progreso

The Progreso Home Tour – Virtual Edition is a 42-minute pay-per-view program that can be watched from anywhere. To purchase a ticket, visit progresohometour.com. But don’t delay – Tuesday, March 30 is the last day to purchase tickets and watch the program.

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