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White City Ball dazzles, provides for those in need

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White City Ball 2016The White City Ball went off without a hitch as party goers danced the night away at Villa Verde for a good cause. Attendees were asked to dress in white, in keeping with the theme. Mérida is called “the White City” for reasons that no one can seem to agree on. 

White City Ball 2016“A heartfelt thank you to Michael Berton and Robert Klie of Villa Verde for hosting the White City Ball,” said Kimberly Dawn. “Their charitable intentions will continually provide help to La Divina Providencia shelter for the elderly, the DIF Caimede Art Program and Renacer de Mayab the soup kitchen for children, throughout the year! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“Event planners don’t always get to participate in, or enjoy their own events,” said Berton, “but this year’s Fiesta Blanca was a blast!”

White City Ball 2016

(All photos from the Villa Verde Facebook page)

White City Ball 2016

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