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2nd mayor in Yucatan with COVID-19 comes forward

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Bokobá Mayor Ruby Alejandrina Sosa Pérez

Bokobá Mayor Ruby Alejandrina Sosa Pérez revealed that she contracted COVID-19 and will be out of circulation while she recovers at home in quarantine. She said her symptoms so far are mild.

Bokobá, which has a population of around 2,000, has 12 known cases of coronavirus in its borders. The city is roughly 45 kilometers east of Merida.

Sosa Pérez is the second mayor in Yucatan to come forward with a positive diagnosis.

The first mayor in Yucatan who contracted coronavirus was longtime politician Marlene Catzín, of Maxcanú, who later died in a Merida hospital.

With information from Reporteros Hoy

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