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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

3 elderly die while Yucatan prepares to phase in a return to business

Select Yucatan manufacturing industries to start 'new normal' in 5 days

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Crews disinfect a public bus as part of Yucatan’s fight against coronavirus. Photo: Courtesy.

Three coronavirus patients in their 70s died and 41 new infections — the most since May 5 — were discovered Wednesday in Yucatan.

Another 49 patients were declared to have recovered from the illness, according to state health authorities, while five were discharged from the hospital in the past 24 hours.

The deceased are:

  • A 73-year-old man from Maxcanú with a history of hypertension, diabetes and COPD; he lived with five people, who are reported without symptoms.
  • A 72-year-old Merida woman with a history of obesity. She lived with 1 person, who has no symptoms.
  • Another 72-year-old Merida man, with hypertension, a history of cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney failure, and smoking. He lived with one person who is reportedly without symptoms.

That brings to 83 the number of deaths in Yucatan related to COVID-19, and 932 confirmed cases since the crisis began in March.

A total of 581 have recovered while 171 patients are still ill, but stable and isolated in their homes, and 97 are still in the hospital.

Back to business

Yucatan will be one of 15 states first on the list to enter the “new normal.”

The aerospace, aeronautics and automotive manufacturing industries will open May 18 while the construction sector can resume activity June 1, Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal said today.

“Today we begin the consultation tables for the responsible and gradual reopening of our economy with which we will be coordinating everything that is needed so that we can gradually reopen the businesses that are closed today,” he said.

Vila Dosal said he consulted public health experts before announcing the reopening.

The announcement mirrors a nationwide “new normal” announcement.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador unveiled a plan to reopen the country’s economy by June 1. He said on Wednesday the reopening of economic, social and educational activities would be “cautious and gradual,” beginning with regions of the country least affected by the disease.

With information from Al Jazeera

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