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3 Of the Best Places to Enjoy a Beer in Yucatán

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Known for being home to ancient Mayan ruins, its tropical beaches, spectacular wildlife, lush forests, amazing views of the rolling hills and jungles of Mexico, and many other adventure activities to partake in, a trip to Yucatán is nothing short of breathtaking!

And if you decide to move here or have a few days to do some exploring, there are numerous entertainment options to consider, from the lively music-filled streets of Merida to the myriad artisanal shops, restaurants, and bars where you can enjoy a nice cold beer after a day’s tiresome excursion.

If you happen to be a beer enthusiast, this piece highlights some of the most incredible places you can pop in to enjoy a beer in Yucatán.

Exploring the beer-drinking culture of Yucatán is not complete without a visit to some of its most popular bars. La Negrita Cantina in Merida, for example, has a laid-back atmosphere with an eclectic selection of beers and brewed cocktails.

If you’re looking for a vibrant night out with friends and live music, Centro’s indoor venue could excite you – as it’s also one of many favorites among local crowds. Fusion cuisines combined with creative twists on traditional drinks make this bar stand out from other popular spots around town.

Other popular bars and pubs that some locals swear by include:

  • La Bierhaus
  • Casa Chica
  • Bar La Ruina
  • The Beer Box Merida

2. Visit Taprooms, such as Hermana República in Merida 

Rather than just a bar or a pub, heading over to Hermana República’s Taproom in Merida is the perfect way for beer lovers to discover an array of great, unique craft offerings. The family-run business displays its wide selection of traditional and international flavors on the walls that instantly transports visitors into the world of fine fermented beverages.

Moreover, their food menu consists of selections like tacos de pastor with avocado cream accompanied by piloncillo braised pastor – all made from local ingredients!

Besides sampling unique and delicious ales – such as Hermana República’s Belgian Blonde Ale or Porter vanilla – taprooms are also excellent sources of information about what’s happening in Yucatán at any given time.

3. Take a Tour of a Local Microbrewery, e.g. Patito Brewery in Mérida 

Discovering beer at its source is a must-have experience while visiting Yucatán. The Patito Brewery in Mérida provides the perfect opportunity to do just that with its extensive range of local Mexican recipes and international ones alike for those seeking something more than just traditional craft beers.

Notably, this microbrewery creates amazing styles like Spiced Porters, Weizenbock Brown Ales, and Munich Dunkel Lagers – all tailored to complement the warm Mayan climate in Mexico’s southeastern territory!

A tour around the brewery lets you learn about how their organic ingredients are converted into liquid gold directly from where it originates. Not only does this provide great insight into beer production but also makes for extremely good entertainment – allowing patrons to immerse themselves fully within Yucatecan culture on a very personal level!

Want to Start a Brewery of Your Own?

If you want to open your own brewery in Yucatán, the first step is to research the market, the equipment, and the ingredients you need, as well as any permits and taxes involved. You’ll need everything from a commercial brewing license to agricultural approval to have a business tax identification number (RFC).

As seen at getollie.com, you may also want to think ahead and consider getting brewery management software beforehand. This can be a great way to streamline your beer production operations, minimize manual labor, and maximize yields while reducing production costs. If possible, seeking mentorship from an experienced Brewmaster in the local industry can also help maximize your chances of success.

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