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3 Playa del Carmen bars suspended after hotels complain about excessive noise

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Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo — Three party bars have been forced to suspend operations under a citywide noise crackdown similar to Mérida’s.

The clubs in central Playa del Carmen exceeded city-regulated noise levels, according to the Riviera Maya News. The names of the bars were not announced.

The crackdown followed complaints from business leaders including María Elena Mata Pineda, president of the local Business Coordinating Council, concerned that excessive noise was disturbing hotel guests and causing cancellations.

“Independently, we are going to visit them to let them know the regulations,” said Enrique González Rosas, a city employee. “We have to take care of this because the noise being generated in places where they have music affects those next door.”

The maximum noise level allowed is 68 decibels during the day and 65 during the night, according to González Roses.

“Yes, we want to reaffirm that this operation is not to generate sanctions. Those who have been suspended were not to suspend the business or generates fines, but to simply comply with regulations.”

Bars under scrutiny are “from Avenida 15 to the federal area including Calle 12, where there have been more problems, and from Parque Los Fundadores to Avenida 38,” explained the city official.

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