329 lucky street dogs rescued and relocated safely to Canada

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Thanks to Patricia of Pet Chalet and Dr. Israel of Hospital Veterinario Del Mayab, hundreds of dogs in Mérida have completed their life-changing journey from Mexico to Canada. Photo: Courtesy

Last week’s trip to Canada was a very special one because the vet who takes care of all the canine strays escorted six lucky dogs to their destination.

Over the years, it has taken many hearts to get 329 rescues from the streets of Mérida to the Evolución Animal A.C. no-kill shelter and finally to loving homes in Canada.

Last week’s flight to Toronto was a very special one because Dr. Israel Achach escorted his patients (Yeri, Anais, Bono, Irene, Milhouse and Candace) to Pets Alive Niagara and the Lincoln County Humane Society. Dr. Israel, of Hospital Veterinario Del Mayab – HVM, and his staff perform a comprehensive pre-flight medical examination and testing on every dog chosen to go to Canada to ensure they are healthy and disease-free. The goal is to match dogs with their Canadian forever homes.

Evolución acknowledged the support of our Canada Project from Patty Arrigunaga of Pet Chalet. Patricia boards the dogs a few days before their flight. She regularly drives dogs and their escort to Cancún in Pet Chalet’s vehicle and, on three occasions, has accompanied our pekes all the way to Toronto.

On April 27, Patricia set off for Cancun with Dr. Israel Achach and six dogs.

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