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4 new cases, 2 deaths, in Yucatán’s coronavirus battle

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Yucatán’s coronavirus cases and quarantines continued to dive while fatalities leveled off and hospitalizations began a minor upward tick.

State medical personnel counted 10 patients in public hospitals on Thursday compared to 15 at the beginning of the week. But since then, six more patients were admitted. The number is surprising considering the impressive drop in known infections.

Still, that’s a blip compared to the onslaught of ICU patients a year ago.

Saturday’s health briefing announced four new infections and 32 recoveries, continuing a general decline in cases this month. The last seven days averaged two deaths and 5.57 cases, compared to a daily average of 1.7 deaths and 11.5 cases the week before.

Most patients have mild cases and are under orders to stay at home. Saturday’s quarantine total was 87, which is down by 33 in a day and the lowest number since close to the beginning of the pandemic’s arrival.

A 62-year-old Mérida man and a 72-year-old woman from Tekal de Venegas perished, bringing the fatality total to 6,915 since April 2020.

Doctors have recorded 109,572 cases in Yucatán state, but the true number is thought to be many times higher.

Mexico is reportedly planning to declare the entire country at “green” for the first time since the traffic-light system began in June 2020.

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