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45 new cases in 1 day brings Yucatan’s coronavirus infections to 457

Agustín O'Horán General Hospital sets up COVID-19 ward

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At Agustín O’Horán General Hospital, a coronavirus ward has been set up with 28 beds including six for intensive care. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatan health officials confirmed 45 new coronavirus infections Thursday, the most ever reported here in a 24-hour span.

Since the first infection was reported in mid-March, 456 people in Yucatan have tested positive for coronavirus.

Additionally, three more COVID-19 patients died, said Health Ministry officials in their daily briefing. That brings to 35 the number of people have died from the virus in Yucatan since April 3.

The youngest to die was a 36-year-old Merida woman who lived with two people who are so far asymptomatic. A 91-year-old man from Chikindzonot and a 63-year-old Hunucmá man also perished.

While 232 have recovered since March, and 93 are well enough to recuperate at home, 67 patients are being hospitalized in isolation, not including the Yucatecan woman who traveled from Canada and is not part of local statistics.

Further expanding Merida’s capacity to handle COVID-19 patients, the Agustín O’Horán General Hospital set aside 28 beds, including six for intensive care, for coronavirus cases. The beds are in a single ward in the public hospital.

Already, the Siglo XXI convention center has 375 beds and some hotels have agreed to lend their spaces should the pandemic explode.

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