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Calle 47 will turn away cars, become café zone, for Noche Blanca

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Calle 47, near 52, is a mix of bars, restaurants, hostels and hotels. Photo: Courtesy

The next Noche Blanca citywide arts celebration will be something to savor.

The emerging “restaurant row” on Calle 47 will be highlighted when the street is closed to traffic and eateries set up café-style seating on the pavement.

About 40 restaurants are expected to participate, meaning that some establishments not part of the Calle 47 zone will be represented there.

Live music and other entertainment will also be presented on a stage.

The 12th edition of Noche Blanca, Merida’s sprawling cultural festival, takes over the historic center on Saturday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m., and continues past midnight.

More than 115 shows with more than 220 artists in approximately 100 venues are planned.

One of the highlights is the inauguration of the exhibition “Picasso, Genius of the Arts,” with 100 works by the Spanish painter, many of which will be presented for the first time in Mexico, at the Olimpo Cultural Center.

We will post, or link to, a schedule when it is completed.

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