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5 Benefits Of Heating Your Home With Column Radiators

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To live comfortably, we need radiators to help us create that warm and cosy atmosphere that we all crave. And with a variety of styles on the market, your radiator doesn’t have to be plain, white and fade into the background anymore. You can choose different colours, styles, and heights to suit your home. Read on as we take a closer look at one of the most traditional radiators that would be a perfect addition to your home.

What is a column radiator? 

column radiator is one of the most common, but recently, they have been developed to have more of a modern twist. The radiator gets its name from the number of columns that it is made up of, 2, 3 or even 4 columns are available. They can heat a room effectively and efficiently and come in a range of styles that can suit even the smallest of spaces. Here are 5 benefits of choosing a column radiator to heat your home. 

  1. High output of heat 

Just because your column radiator looks sleek and stylish, that doesn’t mean they compromise on heat. These radiators are some of the best when it comes to warming your home. They are made up of a larger surface area than many other products, and the columns have a gap between each, which means any air that is around the columns is heated, allowing you to feel the benefit more efficiently when you need it most. If you struggle to heat a specific room within your home, a column radiator could be the perfect addition – the columns will have you feeling warm and toasty in no time. 

  1. Modern or traditional? 

Column radiators can be some of the most traditional looking on the market. They work well in period properties, or if the aesthetic that you’ve implemented throughout your home is more vintage and classic. Choosing a cast-iron radiator would fit a traditionally styled home. However, if traditional is not your thing, but you’d like to benefit from all that a column radiator has to offer, these versatile radiators can be made to suit your style as they come in a variety of colours. Maybe bright and bold is what you prefer, a colour that can make your radiator a real centrepiece in your room, or maybe a classic grey would give you that chic look. Whichever you prefer, a column radiator can help. 

  1. Suitable for minimal space 

But what if you’re working with a smaller space? Don’t panic, you can still choose your favourite column radiator and take advantage of the high heat output as they come in a variety of sizes, whether you need a vertical column radiator if you don’t have a lot of free wall space, or you need a long, thin horizontal radiator to fit under a windowsill or shelf. These radiators are versatile so all homes can benefit. 

  1. Choose from a palette of colours 

As we mentioned above, you can choose a column radiator to boost the aesthetic of your home because of the huge range of colours that these radiators are available in. If you’re bored of the same old white radiators, switching to a coloured column could be just what you need to put your stamp on your home. Column radiators are stylish enough to be treated as a piece of furniture, so you can choose something that acts as a centrepiece, draws attention, and looks the part. 

  1. Reliable 

You can rely on a column radiator to do what it’s meant to do to a high standard – heat your home in the cold months, more efficiently than any other radiator can. Maybe you’ve decided that your heating system needs to be upgraded – your radiators are old and not as efficient as they could be, adding a column radiator to your home will allow you to heat a room quickly and easily, so you can feel the benefit when you need it most.

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