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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Monday’s 8 COVID-19 deaths range in age from 33 to 82

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Yucatan state officials established 15 respiratory disease monitoring units in hospitals and public clinics across the state, where staff from health ministry look for coronavirus. Photo: Courtesy

State health authorities reported 40 new coronavirus infections Monday in addition to eight deaths from COVID-19.

A 33-year-old Espita man with HIV was the youngest to perish while an 82-year-old Merida man with hypertension was the oldest. The average age of the deceased was 63.

Yucatan’s deaths reached 216 and confirmed cases totaled 1,877 with a 71% recovery rate. In the last 24 hours, recovered patients numbered 42, slightly edging out the number of new cases.

While 164 current patients are in stable condition and in home quarantine, 154 are in the hospital, two more than Sunday.

Of the new infections, 19 were found in Merida, eight in Uman, four in Kanasín, three in Ticul, two in Akil and one each in Mocochá, Peto, Progreso and Valladolid.

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