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6 Helpful Reminders For You When Playing in a Poker Tournament

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If you play poker, you know how important it is to maintain concentration throughout a game. It’s crucial to maintain a lifestyle that enables you to focus when you need to, whether you’re a novice who gets easily distracted or a seasoned player who tilted before people started playing online poker.

Here are six suggestions to help you stay focused while playing poker in preparation for your tournament.

Take All the Rest Before the Game

Before a major game, get a full night’s sleep to ensure your body and mind are prepared to play at their peak. The article “What Lack of Sleep Does to Your Mind” on WebMD describes how being sleep-deprived makes it harder to concentrate and pay attention.

The same article also highlights how sleep deprivation can impact your mood and make you more likely to become angry during a game. Pre-game nervousness might impair your ability to sleep, so it’s essential to develop other habits like exercise that improve your sleep.

If your mind is fully functioning and well-rested, your decision-making skills are on point, and you are alert to what is happening at your poker table.

Ensure You Are in Peak Condition

Although it would be fantastic to drop down, perform pushups, and be prepared to go before your game, such a thing is unrealistic because you don’t have enough time. However, regular exercise and maintaining physical fitness are necessary to keep your mind functioning at its peak.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine will keep your mind and memory sharp. It will also ensure that you have more energy, get better sleep, and have the mental strength to handle difficult situations, among many other advantages.

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The good news is that you may get many health benefits from exercise by engaging in activities like cycling, jogging, swimming, or yoga. Of course, you can go to the gym and lift weights for several hours each day if you like.

Your workout should be focused on maintaining your body and mind at their best. You will need all the mental energy before going into the tournament.

Practice Meditation

There’s no denying that playing professional poker can be stressful, whether participating in high-stakes cash games such as Texas Holdem online or world tournaments.

If you want to calm down and manage your stress, and concentrate, you might want to think about trying meditation.

Numerous scientists, including those at the Columbia University Medical Center, have investigated and supported the advantages of meditation. The many benefits of meditation, including improved focus and learning concentration, are detailed in the article “How Meditation Can Help You Focus.”

You can help yourself by using various accessible meditation techniques before and during a game.

You can download apps that teach meditation fundamentals on your phone. Even professional players like Annette Obrestad, a trailblazer for female poker players who upload instructional YouTube videos, can teach you how to play a poker game at your best with the help of meditation.

Take Breaks When You Can

Take pauses if you’re playing in a lengthy poker tournament. If you play live poker events, this might not always be possible.

However, it’s a good idea to occasionally take a break if you have the chance to do so. The time you take off from the game will allow you to unwind, refuel with a quick food or drink, and enhance your focus when you return to it.

A poker tournament can last long, so you have to regulate your body and take a rest if you are mentally exhausted. There is no point in continuing the game if you only lose due to being worn out.

Find the Right Music for You

Music has various advantages, including improved motivation and focus and reduced stress. Right before your game, you might want to calm yourself first by listening to music that can help you achieve that. 

According to the Healthline article “Music and Studying: It’s Complicated,” the following forms of music can help you focus:

  • Music without lyrics can help you calm down
  • Instrumentals with a slow tempo, such as classical music or mellow techno music
  • Low-volume music that provides background noise without overwhelming your senses
  • Songs to which you don’t feel connected, emotionally
  • Music without interruptions from advertising that might disturb your focus.

Avoid Distractions

If you aim to win a high-stakes cash game or refine your tournament strategy for poker, the modern world offers many distractions that might cost you dearly.

The wrong kind of music, obnoxious relatives, other online players, or even hunger sensations may serve as diversions.

Your smartphone, though, is, without a doubt, the worst culprit. These gadgets are made to captivate you and hold your interest. These devices might be difficult to put down due to notifications from social media apps, messages from loved ones, or the pull of your favorite YouTuber.

You could be tempted to multitask when playing poker by keeping one eye on your phone and the other on the table. But make no mistake, doing this requires you to divide your focus. Instead, you’re only changing the direction of your attention.

The disadvantages of dividing your attention and working on too many tasks at once are discussed in the Forbes article “Multitasking Damages Your Brain And Career, New Studies Suggest.”

It can also harm your empathy and ability to manage your thoughts and emotions.

If these two are affected, you won’t be able to play your best in the tournament, wasting all of the time that you put into preparing for it.


It is hard to qualify for a poker tournament. It can take months of preparation and a lot of money as well. You wouldn’t want to join only to lose, so take all these reminders seriously.

It will help you prepare for one of the most challenging games in your life, and it may even be something you can apply to your daily routine.

If you want to practice for your tournament and play online poker, you can check GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room, where you can enjoy many thrilling poker variants.

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