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6 homes listed as tear-downs, unless they fall down first

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A casona on Calle 65 and 44 collapsed Saturday in heavy rains.

Mérida, Yucatán — The collapse of a casona Saturday illustrates a greated problem in the Centro.

Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal has said that six properties in the historic center are at risk of collapse and should be demolished to avoid another accident.

Many of these old buildings, built during the city’s heyday as a wealthy henequen capital, have been sitting empty and uncared for more than 20 years, he estimated. Today, they are beyond repair and put neighbors and passersby at risk.

A year ago, these unstable properties had been identified from a study conducted by the College of Engineers of Yucatán. Three others had been shored up with crude scaffolding.

The mayor said his administration is waiting for authorization of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, which oversees historic properties.

Traffic was obstructed but no injuries were reported Saturday when heavy rains caused part of an abandoned casona to collapse into the street at Calle 65 and 44.

This old house on Calle 47 is too far gone, and must be demolished, according to city officials. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

The properties at risk are located at Calle 65, No. 394 A, between 42 and 44; Calle 47, No. 502, between 60 and 62; Calle 65, No. 425, between 46 and 48; Calle 48th, No. 505 at 63; Calle 52, No. 548 A, at the corner of 71; and Calle 52, No. 556, at 71.

INAH, whose interest is in preservation, would want to thoroughly survey each property before allowing its demolition.

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