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Help 6 lucky pups fly north of the border

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Your generosity doubles in size thanks to a challenge from a Evolución Animal A.C. friend who has agreed to match donations that will go to sending six shelter dogs north of the border.

Evolución is an animal protection non profit organization that shelters dogs in the south of Mérida, close to Umán. The Lincoln County Humane Society and the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, both in Ontario, Canada, have agreed to take the dogs on April 18.

But the journey is expensive. The cost is approximately $300 USD per dog for a total cost of $1,800 USD, or $27,800 pesos. This figure covers vet exams, SNAP tests for heart worm/Ehrlichia, drugs if necessary, Rabies vaccinations, crates, Westjet cargo fees, Canadian Customs charges, and the gas and quota tolls from Mérida to Cancun.

Six shelter dogs are leaving Mexico for new horizons and bright prospects north of the border. Photo: Evolución Animal A.C.
Six shelter dogs are leaving Mexico for new horizons and bright prospects north of the border. Photo: Evolución Animal A.C.

But for all the expense and effort, the payoff is huge for dogs who face brighter prospects in finding forever homes.

“The journey to a new life in Canada will take many, many hearts,” said Patricia Holland, speaking for Evolución. “Please donate today; no gift is too small.”

The match challenge extends to the first $700 USD, or $10,800 pesos, raised.

Evolución uses Westjet to fly dogs from the Cancun Airport to Vancouver, Toronto and Hamilton airports. Westjet has a blackout period between mid-May and October because the temperature is too high for dogs to travel in the cargo hold.

The group rescues, heals, feeds, loves and works very hard to find forever homes for homeless and neglected dogs in Merida. At the moment, Evolución is caring for 240-plus dogs and 30 cats that otherwise would have no food or shelter. The sanctuary sits on two acres just south of Mérida in San Lorenzo.

Among their priorities is to fly dogs to no-kill shelters in Canada and the U.S. Over the last 16 months, volunteers have raised funds to send 42 dogs north of the border. Of those, 38 are in loving homes. Four dogs that arrived in Vancouver 10 days ago are being fostered by a Friend of Evolución until she finds them loving homes. Most of these dogs were long-timers who spent at least four years at the shelter.

Evolución receives no government funding and relies on funds from individual donors, fundraisers and appeals.

“Our adoption rate has improved over the past two years, but for every dog that finds a loving home, there are many more left tied to the shelter gates or rescued from the streets,” said Holland.


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