63 messages of solidarity from the U.S. to Mexico

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In light of all the political upheaval between the two countries, Buzzfeed Mexico collected these tweets directed at the Mexican people from U.S. citizens. 

1. “Sorry for the lack of tact, respect and diplomacy from the White House.”

2. “By the way, we love Mexico and its people.”

 3. “Who’s up for a march from the US to Mexico in support of our southern friends?”

 4. Some began to send messages of support after EPN.

Some began sending supportive messages after EPN came out to say he was not going to pay for the wall.

 5. “Please know that I love Mexico”

Our neighbors come together and say, not the wall!

 6. “Do not pay for that wall. Resist. “

 7. “Please know that many in USA respect and appreciate our friends in Mexico.”

 8. On behalf of millions.

Because yes, the decisions of some do not represent the feeling of the majority.

 9. Singer Kate Nash also supports Mexico.


10. “Please help any Mexican-Americans you can.”


11. Marlon Wayans is “sorry.”


12. “This is ridiculous.”


13. Although not able to speak Spanish, a message of support.

14. “Trump does not represent me!”

15. Apologizes not only to Mexico, but to the world.

16. “I stand with Mexico.”

 17. “I’m so sorry this clown insults Mexico in this way.”

 18. “You’re welcome at my house any time.”


19. “I swear  most of us are sane.”


20. A colorful hashtag Because many did not vote for him.


21. “Dumb wall issue”


22. “God bless Mexico.”


23. “The majority of us consider you our friend”


24. “A disgrace to America.”


25. “UNITY”


26. “Standing up to the bully.”


27. For Mexican migrants.


28. “Real Americans support you.”


29. “Stay strong”


30. “Adopt us?”


31. “So so sorry.”


32. Saddened that politicians are ruining a good relationship.


33. “We love having you in the U.S.”


34. “Most sincere apology.”


35. Zedd said…


36. Not all racists…




38. “An idiot”

39. A simple and friendly message:

40. Tear down that wall.


41. Standing with our friend.


42. All the Americas


43. No bullying


44. Because we will not be divided.


45. Actor George Takei takes a stand.


46. Sorry for “dumb ideas.”


47. “You deserve respect.”


48. Love in two languages.


49. “Most of America”


50. The government is different from its people.


51. Not all agree with this crap.


52. Speaking from the .


53. Not all of us are crazy.


54. Terrible words of a few don’t speak for everyone


55. “Love from America!”


56. A wall will not come between our friendship.


57. “Canada is too cold and I love margaritas.”


58. “Lo ciento”

59. “Trump doesn’t speak for us.”

60. There’s that colorful hashtag again.


61. “Shove his wall.”

And they support us so that we continue telling Trump that he can put the wall where it does not give the sun.


62. “Come on world, stand with Mexico.”

63. “We’re going to figure this out.”


“The construction of the wall, the constant insults and threats to Mexico by Donald Trump, are only a small part of the relationship with the United States,” writes Buzzfeed.

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