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8 more die in 24 hours as Yucatan infections decline

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All public transport units are ordered sanitized daily with chlorine and disinfectant. Photo: Courtesy

Coronavirus infections declined in Yucatan in the last 24 hours, but eight additional deaths caused continued grief and alarm amid the coronavirus crisis.

In total, the coronavirus in Yucatan has killed 170 people since April 3, including 49 since last Wednesday alone.

Health ministry officials reported 35 new infections, 25 of them in Mérida, three in Umán, two each in Hunucmá, Maxcanú and Motul, and one more in Tekit. Recent daily infections have been as high as 68, on Sunday and 80 last Thursday.

To date, the total number of suspected cases is 5,996 of which 1,317 correspond to Sentinel Surveillance. The official number of positive cases of coronavirus in Yucatan is 1,616, including 1,117 people who recovered, representing a rate of 69%.

In addition, 182 people remain quarantined in their homes with mild symptoms, and 147 are hospitalized, seven more than the day before.

The age range of positive cases is from 4 months to 94 years.

A 43-year-old Merida man from Merida, with hypertension, diabetes and obesity, was the youngest to perish. A 78-year-old Merida woman, with no pre-existing conditions, was the oldest.

A 48-year-old man, also from Mérida; a 52-year-old Merida man; as well as another man from Mérida and whose age was not disclosed, also died. A 70-year-old man from Chemax with hypertension and diabetes also died. Two Merida men, one 70 and the other 77, both died leaving behind contacts with mild symptoms.

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