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Thursday, June 30, 2022

8 new cases bring Yucatan coronavirus count to 83

14 patients remain in hospital including a 10-year-old girl

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A videoconference from the state health department report eight new cases of COVID-19 in Yucatan on Wednesday. It was broadcast with Maya subtitles. Photo: Courtesy

Another eight new cases of COVID-19 in Yucatan were announced in a press conference that was delivered by video this evening.

That brings to 83 the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state; 55 of those have recovered, 14 are still in the hospital and 10 are recovering at home in quarantine. No new deaths were reported, but the virus has killed four patients so far in Yucatan, claiming its first victim Friday.

Another 161 possible coronavirus cases remain under study. Patients include a 10-year-old girl in the hospital, and a 78-year-old.

The Yucatecan woman infected and diagnosed in Canada is still hospitalized in Merida, and the female professor, 75, who returned from Peru after testing positive has been released and allowed home. Those two cases are not part of the official numbers.

A COVID-19 hotline is at 800-YUCATÁN (800-982-2826) for residents worried they or a loved one are infected. Press 9 for an English-speaking agent. A free chat with a bot via WhatsApp is available at the number 999-200-8489 in Spanish and 999-140-6622 in the Mayan language.

According to an AFP count around the world, there have been almost 83,000 coronavirus deaths worldwide. The most deaths have occurred in the United States and Spain at over 14,000 deaths and Italy with 17,669. Mexico has 2,785 coronavirus cases and 141 deaths, up 16 today.

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