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9 out of 10 tourists in survey happy with Mérida

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A survey explores tourists' impressions of Mérida. Photo: Unión Yucatán
A survey explores tourists’ impressions of Mérida. Photo: Unión Yucatán

A study by the University of Yucatán reported that nine of every 10 tourists who visit Merida are satisfied with the destination. Nearly all would come back.

According to the survey of the Faculty of Anthropological Sciences, 98 percent said they would return, but only 35 percent said the city doesn’t need to change anything to improve. 

Some visitors suggested room for improvement: 16 percent said public transportation, 13 percent said the city should be cleaner, and four percent wanted better road signs.

About the tourists

The survey found 75 percent of those arriving have bachelors or masters degree. And 65 percent have an income of 8,500 to 25,000 pesos a month, below the national average of 11,600 to 34,999 pesos.

Most visitors are between 26 and 55 years of age, divided equally among men and women.

Three-quarters of visitors are from elsewhere in Mexico. They come from all over, but the cities that stand out are: Federal District (13 percent); Cancun (11 percent); Guadalajara (9 percent), Monterrey (6 percent) and Campeche (4 percent).

Of foreign tourists, the largest groups come from California (8 percent); Buenos Aires (7 percent); Texas (5 percent); Barcelona (5 percent) and Sao Paulo (4 percent).

Overall, 53 percent come to Merida for rest, pleasure or vacation, 20 percent for visiting family or friends, and 17 percent for business or work.

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