9 die in 24 hours, the worst day yet in Yucatan’s coronavirus fight

New infections more than double recoveries

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Yucatan health ministry officials announce the state’s highest death and infection numbers since the crisis began. Photo: Courtesy

Coronavirus deaths peaked Thursday, Yucatan health authorities said.

In a 24-hour period, nine perished — including two people in their 20s — a record number for Yucatan. New infections totaled 50, the second-highest one-day number recorded in the state. On May 3, 55 infections were counted.

Another 22 were declared recovered from the virus.

The dead included a diabetic 56-year-old Merida man with a history hypertension; a 60-year-old diabetic Maxcanú man with a history of hypertension and heart disease; a 76-year-old Merida man; an 80-year-old Tixpéhual man with hypertension; an 82-year-old Uman woman; A 27-year-old Mucel, Chemax woman with a history of heart disease; a 58-year-old Progreso man with obesity; a 72-year-old Tixkokob man; and a 29-year-old diabetic Muna woman.

None of their contacts showed symptoms of coronavius, state health authorities said.

That brings to 92 the number of people in Yucatan who have died with COVID-19.

Since the crisis began, 982 in the state have tested positive for coronavirus. The majority of them, 601, have recovered while 189 patients are stable and under home quarantine. The remaining 100 are still in the hospital, three more than Wednesday.

Patients range in age from 1 to 94 years.

The new infections were found mainly in Merida, which had 19; followed by six in Kanasín; four each in Kaua and Tinum; two each in Chicxulub Pueblo, Izamal and Ticul; one apiece in Chemax, Chikindzonot, Chocholá, Hocabá, Maxcanú, Seyé, Tecoh, Tekit, Teya and Timucuy; and one not associated with any municipality.

An updated map, which zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities for greater detail, is posted here.

Earlier, Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal announced a slow reopening of the state’s economy and an extension of the ban on alcohol sales until the end of the month.

{ YEL has covered this crisis daily. More coronavirus updates here }

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