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Liquor store owners ask for longer Sunday hours

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europea700Mérida, Yucatán — With December being the most lucrative month for businesses that sell beer, wine and spirits, the city’s Chamber of Commerce will ask the Ministry of Health to allow longer hours for Sunday sales. Normally, liquor stores close at 5 on Sundays.

They will also ask the City Countil to suspend street closures in the historic center or the Paseo de Montejo for events like the bici-ruta.

Canacome president Jose Manuel Lopez Campos said that this request is made in response to a demand from members who consider the last month of the year as the best for them in sales.

“What we ask to the SSY is extending the hours of sale of wines and spirits to 22 hours in all institutions of the state, only on Dec. 6, 13, 20 and 27,” he said.

Christmas gatherings make liquor stores busier, and Sundays are often the best time for working families to go shopping for parties and entertaining.

Lopez Campos said that December’s festivities allow shop owners to recover from the preceding 11 month’s downturn in sales. But street festivals, like the bike route and Mérida en Domingo, frustrate families doing their errands.

The same request made last year yielded some compromises. The Bici-Ruta was scaled back and liquor stores were allowed to stay open until 10.

Source: Sipse


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