9th Showcase of Homes opens doors for students, tourists and neighbors

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Seven homes opened to the public for a few hours in a Showcase of Homes. Photo: Mark Callum

Mérida, Yucatán — More than 800 people got a rare tour of seven stand-out homes in the Centro, all for a good cause.

Homeowners opened their doors to ticket-holders for the Ninth Annual Showcase of Homes, organized by Fundación BAI.

Visitors saw a variety of homes, with architecture and décor by both foreign and local designers. Eight out of 10 designers were from other countries, said Dr. Carlos Cabrera May, organizer of the event.

More than 800 people bought tickets to the 2017 Showcase of Homes in Mérida. Photo: Mark Callum

“We managed a special price for students, because the tour has become a reference for university careers,” said Cabrera May, who is also executive director of Fundación BAI.

This year there were a total of seven residences to appreciate, most of them were the owners to explain the designs and the reasons that led them to request that decoration.

All types of homes were part of the 2017 Showcase. Photo: Mark Callum

Many homeowners remodeled their homes themselves.

The event also featured local and Mexican art, evidence that the common denominator of all the homes is that their owners have a love for the culture here.

In addition to the Mexican style, homes were influenced by India and Morocco.

BAI is dedicated to preventing adolescent pregnancies, and supplies rapid HIV tests, along with counseling for people testing positive.

Source: Sipse

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