Video: Red tide puts summer vacations at risk of an early end

Closed beaches and the threat of a red tide in Progreso, but not ot all is at is seems.

On the market

Browse Yucatán's most beautiful homes and the properties with the most potential.

4 tips to consider before building on Yucatán’s Gulf coast

Few things are as enjoyable as a terrace overlooking the sea. But when it comes to maintaining that view year-round, there’s a lot to...

El Campestre, from countryside retreat to a thriving neighborhood in Mérida’s north

The area today known as Fraccionamiento Campestre has its origins in the 1940s but really saw development begin in earnest in the 1950s.

Deborah LaChapelle masters the art of conjuring cloud-like hues that look ready to float away  

After two decades in Mérida, her homes are among the most distinctive around. They are richly styled, embrace available materials and connect to their surroundings.

An international couple in Mérida finds harmony through color, symmetry, and art

Both Benjamín and Ross, originally from Mexico City and Pennsylvania, respectively, are great art lovers, a fact that is immediately evident when entering their foyer.

Jaw-dropping extravagance at every turn in this private Itzimná sanctuary

A rare, artisanal retreat beckons on a quiet street in Mérida.

Casa Quadro: A chef’s kitchen inside, and Mérida’s top restaurants around the corner

This turnkey modern house in Mérida's popular Santa Ana neighborhood has everything covered

A guide to eating and drinking at the beach in Yucatán

From fancy restaurants to street vendors and from the sweet to the savory and spicy, eating at the beach in Yucatán something for everyone.

A taste of Italy, and of romance, in García Ginerés

Tucked away on a quiet side street in Garcia Ginerés is a charming restaurant...

In García Ginerés, generations of women made Flores Café a success story

On a residential street in picturesque García Ginerés, the singular Flores Café is a...

Asian inspiration, with ingredients you can actually get here

Recently, Yucatán Magazine highlighted new places to get that Asian fix. But since I...

An unbelievable oasis awaits in the heart of bustling Centro Histórico

Get away from it all just two blocks from Mérida’s main square.  But you need a real casona — a grand home in the city...

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Exploring Mesoamerica's ancient past

The grand city of Cholula and its sacred pyramid — the largest in the world

Nestled in the central Mexican highlands and surrounded by Mexico's most iconic volcanic chain lay the ancient city of Cholula. 

Ancient San Miguelito is Cancún’s unknown Mayan wonder

Tucked between five-star resorts along Cancún’s hotel zone sits the remains of the prehispanic settlement of San Miguelito.

Tlatelolco: A story of violence, sacrifice, and the birth of modern Mexico

Tlatelolco is fairly unique among archaeological sites in Mexico, as both its ancient and contemporary histories evoke intense feelings.