A community center in Mérida is up for a prestigious prize

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A building in Parque El Papa in Mérida has been nominated for a top architecture award, El Premio Noldi Schreck 2023. The community center was built by Mexico’s Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu). Photo: Sedatu

A government-built community center in Mérida has been nominated for a prestigious architecture award.

In the Juan Pablo II neighborhood, just a few steps from the Xoclán Cemetery, the El Papa Community Development Center is up for the 2023 Noldi Schreck Prize.

A building in Parque El Papa in Mérida encourages active lifestyles. Photo: Sedatu

El Premio Noldi Schreck Award promotes Mexico’s best architecture and interior design.

The complex, which is more than 21 square meters, was built to promote cultural, sports, and recreational activities at El Papa Park.

All kinds of sports are played at Parque El Papa, thanks to its modern community center. Photo: Sedatu

The modern building has a workshop, library, bathrooms, doctor’s office, computer room, classrooms, as well as a multipurpose room.

In addition, its sports facilities allow for soccer, beach volleyball, or multiple activities.

The center was a project from Sedatu, the federal urban development office.

A community center in Mérida is a finalist for the prestigious 2023 Noldi Schreck Prize. Photo: Contributed

The award is hosted by Glocal Design Magazine in Mexico City and named for Russian-born Arnold “Noldi” Schreck (1921-2009), who became a naturalized Mexican citizen.

He worked first in Europe and in Beverly Hills, California, before moving to Mexico where he developed Mexico City’s Zona Rosa, Architect Luis Barragán credited Schreck for the “Acapulco style,” with its splendid palapas and tasteful details, crafts, fabrics, and glowing colors. His works also include the Chalet Suizo in Guatemala and sets for the 1965 movie “Love Has Many Faces.”

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