Jorge Gastelum from Inspira tu estilo shares a little about his life and work. Photo: Courtesy

Jorge Gastelum, 26, is a young interior decorator from Sinaloa who has made Mérida his home for a number of years now. He is also the creator of the “Inspira tu estilo,” a successful YouTube channel with more than 300,000 subscribers. In each of his videos, Jorge demonstrates innovative ways to beautify your home without breaking the bank. Over the past few years, Jorge has become an inspiration to scores of people in Mexico and abroad, not just for his abilities as an interior decorator, but also for his skills as a communicator and the positivity with which he communicates his work. 

Listen to others and to yourself

Jorge Gastelum loves to read his followers’ comments, as they are a big part of where his inspiration comes from. Photo: Courtesy

When asked about where his inspiration comes from, Jorge says “necessity is the mother of invention. So most of my ideas come from my needs as well as those of my followers. I love reading comments and getting a sense of what my followers’ needs are and then building from there. The working out of the details comes after.” This constant interaction between Jorge and his followers would appear to be the key ingredient to his social media success.

Share knowledge and be gentle with others

Jorge Gastelum says that learning from his day-to-day experiences and interactions allows him to continually improve his design skills. Photo: Courtesy

Jorge tells us that the idea to start a YouTube channel came from his desire to share with his family the things he was designing at home — as a way to feel closer to them. As time passed and more people began to discover his channel, Jorge decided to up the ante and start to produce even more videos, while keeping true to his gentle spirit and desire to help inspire others. 

Work hard for your dreams

For Jorge Gastelum meticulous planning is an important key to success. Photo: Courtesy

Jorge is not just a YouTuber, as he also works full time as the marketing director of a local construction firm and is currently pursuing a second degree in interior design. With the help of his partner Manuel, the couple produces all of Jorge’s videos, as well as their social media presence. Jorge says that he firmly believes that he is where he is today because of the decisions he has taken, as well as his ability to spot opportunities that have come along.

Let it go

Jorge Gastelum believes that only by understanding the importance of letting go are we ever truly capable of learning from change. Photo: Courtesy

Jorge says that he believes that his videos are as much about beauty, as they are about openness to change. “It’s true that we love our spaces and our things, but there comes a moment when the things that once made us happy have accomplished their mission. That is why we have to be willing to let go of the past and be open to new possibilities.” 

Be generous

As Jorge Gastelum’s YouTube channel continues to grow, he hopes to be able to reach out and help even more people remodel their spaces. Photo: Courtesy

Jorge says that his dream is to continue inspiring people on ways to remodel their spaces through the growth of his channel. “Hopefully one day larger companies will decide to jump on to help me produce bigger and better content that can reach even more people.” At the beginning of the year, Jorge gave us a sneak peek of what future partnerships may look like by completely remodeling the kitchen of one of his YouTube followers in Mérida. 

It is often said that a big part of who we are is what we leave behind in the hearts of others. As for Jorge, he goes through life spreading joy, beauty, and love with his wonderful gift. 

YouTube: Inspira Tu Estilo

Instagram: @Inspiratuestilo

Facebook: Inspira tu estilo

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