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A new, improved Carnaval is promised in Merida

New format, more floats are promised at the fairgrounds

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Brenda Nabetse Cruz Euan and Oscar Rodrigo Chan Sierra, King and Queen of Merida’s Carnaval 2019. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — With a restructuring aimed at a stronger theme and more innovative parade, the city’s Carnaval committee seeks a million visitors at the Xmatkuil fairgrounds this year.

“El Nuevo Carnaval” begins Feb. 27 and continues until March 5.

The executive secretary of the Carnaval Standing Committee, Oscar Alfonso Cambranes Basulto, said his colleagues are working on the final details. About 80 percent of the planning is complete, he said.

Because more sponsors are joining in, Cambranes Basulto is promising more floats in the parade that anchors the ambitious annual event. The committee is restructuring the complimentary events throughout the Xmatkuil fairgrounds. There will still be dance music, family shows and celebrity performers.

The Plaza de Comercio will be organized on a theme of flora and fauna with an uplifting message of environmental sustainability.

He compared the upcoming show to Brazil’s world-famous Carnaval comparsas.

Another innovation is that there will be three different coronations of the Carnaval royalty, reaching different parts of Merida.

By order of the Merida City Council of Mérida, admission is free, although parking is not.

From 2018: Why the Carnaval isn’t in the Centro anymore

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