A partial comeback for restaurants, hotels and others begins Monday

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Assuming the tropical storm has passed and Yucatan has recovered from flood damage, the first wave of the state’s economic recovery can begin Monday, Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal announced.

The decision was based on coronavirus statistics and the availability of hospital beds, he said. Yucatan is now at orange on the “traffic light” system that started last week on red.

It also contradicts the federal traffic light, which still has Yucatan in “red.” Vila Dosal is one of several governors ignoring federal guidance on reopening the economy, saying Mexico City’s data is incomplete.

Restaurants and hotels can open, although with greatly reduced capacity. Some restaurants announced they would not open dining rooms Monday, however, saying they needed more time to prepare.

Manufacturers, real estate and rental services, wholesaler and retailers and professional offices can get back to business.

Restaurants, beauty salons and health clinics will operate at 25% of capacity and only by appointment. Shopping malls will still be closed but small shops can operate curbside. Larger shops — over 150 square meters — can allow a limited number of customers. Business owners should register at www.reactivacion.yucatan.gob.mx to open legally.

Hotels can book 10% of their rooms.

Bars and churches will remain closed and live shows are still dark.

Face masks will remain mandatory for anyone in public.

Businesses were shut down, starting with bars and nightclubs, in March to contain the spread of coronavirus, which has infected thousands in Yucatan. Tourism and business travel, particularly a major international tourist fair, were postponed at great cost.

Businesses and companies will be continuously supervised by inspectors and face closure if health protocols aren’t followed, said Vila Dosal.

The news came the same day American Airlines announced a revival of its Merida-Miami route at the city’s international airport. Domestic flights will soon follow.

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