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A plan to save the corner store

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The little corner store, "tiendita de la esquina," is an endangered species in Merida. Photo: Sipse
The little corner store, “tiendita de la esquina,” is an endangered species in Merida. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — Minister of Economic Development David Alpizar Carrillo presented a project to economically revive small corner grocery stores, by providing them with technology and other resources to help them compete in the 21st century.

An investment of 14 million pesos would be allocated for the program, which would benefit roughly 400 small, family-owned businesses.

The intention is to provide the every tiendita de la esquina with point-of-purchase computers for inventory control and checkout. Painting and remodeling would also be offered.

Alpizar Carrillo stressed the importance of these businesses for the sake of household economies and their function in society. But these shops face strong competition from large chain stores, which can buy larger volumes of inventory at a discount.

The project begins in six weeks, he said.

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