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A week of coronavirus data brings hope to Yucatán

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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A March 20, 2021 coronavirus infection map shows the spread of the virus throughout various regions of Mérida. Photo: SSY

New coronavirus infections were at their lowest point since December, Yucatan health ministry figures indicated.

Daily new coronavirus cases from March 14 to March 20 averaged around 76.4 compared to 84.7 the week before.

Deaths dipped only slightly, from 10 to nine every 24 hours, week to week.

Doctors on Saturday reported 11 deaths and 96 new infections. Another 95 patients were marked as recovered.

Public hospitalizations declined by five to reach a total of 220 patients while 482 people with mild symptoms were being monitored in their own homes. That number is also five less than the previous day’s tally.

Since the pandemic arrived 3,692 deaths have occurred out of 34,261 infections, Yucatán health authorities calculate. The real number is presumed to be many times higher, but testing has not kept pace with the virus’ spread. The recovery rate stands at an estimated 87%.

Of the new infections, 66 were in Mérida, 11 in Kanasín, five in Valladolid, three in Baca, Motul and Ticul; two in Tekax, Tinum and Tizimín; and one in Conkal, Homún, Mama, Río Lagartos, Samahil, Tixpéual, Tzucacab, Umán and Yaxkukul.

Also last week, 16,350 doses of coronavirus vaccines were given to residents 60 and over in Oxkutzcab, Hunucma, Chemax, Acanceh, Buctzotz, Chichimilá and San Felipe as well as Tekax, Peto, Izamal and Tinum. Doses are expected to reach more densely populated areas, such as the capital city of Mérida, in April.

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