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Accounting group says municipal treasurers across Yucatán are inept

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Headquarters of the Yucatán Association of Public Accountants. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — The president of the Yucatán Association of Public Accountants says that municipal treasurers across the state are unaware of accounting techniques and do not do their job properly.

Guido Espadas said that municipalities across Yucatán state should professionalize their treasuries to end bad management and have responsible and healthy finances.

In an interview with Punto Medio, the president of the association complained that poorly run public treasuries are all too common.

“They are people who are not trained and therefore generate problems for the municipalities, because they do not like to write down expenses on paper, that is, in an accounting book,” he said, in Spanish.

He called on state authorities to require treasurers to have credentials that indicate proficiency in government accounting and public law.

Espadas proposed an alliance between the Superior Audit Office of the State of Yucatán and his Association of Accountants.

The Association of Accountants has always been willing to vet candidates for treasurer. The state legislature would ensure that decisions do not rest solely with the association.

Legislation should specify the qualifications that officials must have, he said, so that choosing a candidate is not a subjective decision, he told Punto Medio.

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