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Active coronavirus cases level off as 5 more die in 24 hours

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Yucatan’s government officials fought two battles Friday. As Tropical Storm Cristobal passed through the state, five people died from the novel coronavirus, bringing Yucatan’s death toll to 245. Another 47 cases were detected, including 28 in Merida, adding up to 2,775 since the crisis began.

After steadily climbing since March, the number of active cases has generally leveled off since May 24, when 537 patients were treated. That number on Friday was 519, but climbed as high as 540 on Wednesday.

This, and the wide availability of hospital beds, is partly why Yucatan promised to enter the next phase in reopening the economy Monday.

Since the virus began, around 71% — 1,554 patients — have recovered. Existing patients include 125 at home, in quarantine, and 151 under hospital care, nine more than Thursday.

A 57-year-old Merida man, who had hypertension, perished, as did a 66-year-old woman from Uman with hypertension and diabetes; a 72-year-old Merida man who suffered from hypertension and obesity; a 73-year-old Merida woman who had hypertension and diabetes and a diabetic 75-year-old Merida man.

None of the contacts of these people have symptoms so far, reported the Yucatan Health Ministry.

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