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Added flights, new hotel represent a vote of confidence in Yucatan’s economy

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The Wayam Mundo Imperial hotel has opened in Merida. Photo: Courtesy

Merida travelers got back their Volaris flights to Monterrey, Guadalajara and Tijuana, and a long-awaited new hotel on Avenida Colon has finally opened.

Low-cost airline Volaris reactivated the routes, offering a combined 10,000 seats with fares starting at 939 pesos, with the cooperation of the Yucatan tourism department.

Meanwhile, the Wayam Mundo Imperial hotel opened just west of the hotel zone Thursday, converting an art-deco Garcia Ginerés mansion into the lobby of a modern, upscale hotel.

Addressing anxiety over the coronavirus, the Wayam is operating a program called Imperial Clean, which implements the highest standards of quality, cleaning and disinfection, according to management.

The Wayam has 52 suites, a rooftop bar and pool, a restaurant called Cuna, and other state-of-the-art services.

It is the first hotel in Yucatan to obtain the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, an internationally recognized system for sustainable buildings. Trees around the property were kept intact, preserving the integrity of one of Merida’s most historic streets.

Construction started on the hotel in January 2017, when it was called Wayam by Xixim. Originally, plans called for 29 rooms and 11 suites. Xixim, which operates an eco-record in Celestún, is apparently no longer part of the project.

This is Wayam’s first project outside Acapulco.

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