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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Aeroméxico adds 5th Miami-Mérida flight

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aeromexico720In August, Aeroméxico announced a fourth flight from Miami, Fla., to Mérida. Now, the airline has added yet another weekly flight between the two cities, bringing yet another option for travelers.

The goal is to increase not only tourism, but bilateral trade and investment, said Aeroméxico’s vice president of sales Oscar Mejia. At a press conference, Mejia said the airline also will add a fourth flight between the Federal District and Miami beginning in December.

A three-year-old “sister cities” program has strengthened ties between Miami and Mérida.

“Mérida and Miami have a link to do business both ways. The Mexicans who come to Miami for pleasure or shop spend on average $500,” Mejia said at a press conference in Miami, where the Yucatán state has opened a business office.

“We are seeing the fruit of what local governments to find more jobs and incentives for tourism should do,” said Miami mayor Tomas Regalado.

He said that the contact between the cities of Mérida and Miami “is natural and has great potential” because Merida is closer to Mexico City.

Travelers flying from Mérida to the U.S. have gone mainly through Houston via United Airlines, which departs early in the morning and arrives back in Yucatán at night. But United offers connecting flights throughout the U.S., whereas a traveler would have to change airlines to continue to another airport in the country.

Source: El Financiero

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