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Aeromexico campaign scales the U.S. border walls

An uplifting message: The sky has no borders

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Photo: Aeromexico

Aeromexico is taking a stand on the hot-button topic of “the wall.”

Walls around Mexico, symbolizing the barriers meant to stop Mexicans from walking across the United States border, are holding up Aeromexico billboards telling them to fly.

The 85-year-old airline wanted to find a way to communicate hope in the country, while demonstrating a very simple fact: There are no borders in the sky, and there are no walls so big or tall that people cannot cross.

The company’s most recent campaign, “The Over the Wall Billboard,” was conceptualized by the prestigious Ogilvy advertising agency.

Three billboards went up in April and will remain until August.

The text outlines the way to cross any international border — but even more important, about the unstoppable force of Mexicans, says Chany D’Amelio, Ogilvy vice president of creative services. 

“Talking about a problem as complex as Trump’s famous wall, we found an idea so simple but at the same time so powerful, to demonstrate that Aeromexico can fly over any type of border — and all this using the same medium to tell it.” states D’Amelio.

Source: MediaPost

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